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The Secret Eye Trailer - Images Revealed

As so many of you have enjoyed our trailer for the Secret Eye, I thought it would be fun to let you know the story of each of the pictures found in the trailer.

The pictures in the trailer relate directly to the text preceding them. Some of the pictures show locations or people and some of them are used to evoke an emotional response. Enjoy as you review the pictures from the Secret Eye Trailer. How many of the images did you recognize or know?

THE WORLD WAS AT WAR - this sets up the attack on Pearl Harbor, the beginning of World War 2

Image 1 - Pearl Harbor (Battleship Row)

Image 2 - Destruction at Hickam Field

Image 3 - Fighting fires on Battleship Row

Image 4 - Burning ships at Pearl Harbor

Image 5 - Explosion on the USS Arizona

Image 6 - Tattered American Flag

Image 7 - The USS Arizona

COMING THIS SUMMER - important icons for each country involved in the war

Image 8 - The White House

Image 9 - The Imperial Palace, Tokyo, Japan

Image 10 - Paddle wheel boat, Little Rock, Arkansas

Image 11 - Mount Fuji, Japan

Image 12 - The American Flag

Image 13 - War flag of the Imperial Japanese Army

Image 14 - What I believe Lilly would look like

A NEW STORY FOR THE AGES - major figures in the war

Image 15 - Franklin Roosevelt

Image 16 - Emperor Hirohito of Japan

Image 17 - Admiral Nimitz

Image 18 - Admiral Yamamoto

Image 19 - Rear Admiral Mitscher on the USS Lexington

Image 20 - Japanese Kamikaze pilots

Image 21 - War poster in America

A SECRET WEAPON - the secret weapon that will provide an overwhelming technical advantage to the US

Image 22 - RADAR equipment

Image 23 - SCR 270 RADAR equipment on the island of Oahu, Hawaii

Image 24 - Antenna on the USS Lexington

Image 25 - The Combat Information Center (CIC), USS Lexington

Image 26 - Antenna on USS Valley Forge

Image 27 - Admiral Yamamoto

A SECRET GIFT - a technology breakthrough shared with the United States

Image 28 - The Cavity Magnetron

Image 29 - Arnold Wilkins

Image 30 - Robert Watson Watt

Image 31 - The van used to demonstrate RADAR


Image 32 - CIC of the Lexington

Image 33 - Hellcat Fighters on the USS Lexington

Image 34 - The board showing how many planes shot down - USS Lexington

Image 35 - Antenna on the Lexington

TWO MEN SERVING - our main characters

Image 36 - Remember Dec. 7th

Image 37 - I want You to Join

Image 38 - Little Rock, Arkansas

Image 39 - Fields in rural Japan

Image 40 - Bamboo forest in Japan

Image 41 - Mount Fuji, Japan

Image 42 - Cherry Blossoms

A KAMIKAZE THREAT - Kamikaze terror

Image 43 - Kamikaze plane diving

Image 44 - Kamikaze plane missing a ship

Image 45 - Kamikaze pilots - the center pilot is my representation of Hadaki

CHAOS AND MAYHEM - the results of Kamikaze attacks

Image 46 - Damage after the attack on the USS Lexington

Image 47 - Damage after the attack on the USS Lexington

Image 48 - Damage after the attack on the USS Lexington


Image 49 - Lilly

Image 50 - Tokyo Rose

Image 51 - Hadaki

HOW CAN AMERICA SURVIVE? - this is the question of the book

Image 52 - Flight deck on the USS Lexington

Image 53 - The van

Image 54 - Kamikaze attack on the USS Lexington

Image 55 - Antenna on the Lexington

Image 56 - Plane crash on the USS Lexington

How many did you get? I have been vague about how some of these pictures relate to the story. Think of this trailer and the pictures you have seen while you enjoy my book.

Happy reading!

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