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Charlie Brand joined the Navy to avenge Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor and he has the best eyes and ears in the US Pacific Fleet. In Japan, Hadaki Yamatsumi journeys to determine his ancestor's will for his life. The two men are thrust on a collision course with history where only one man will survive.


In Great Britain, a gift to the United States will change the direction of the war and alter the life of Charlie Brand forever. While Charlie struggles through loss, a chance meeting on a train propels him to a new life he never dreamed he could have.


As America prepares her response to the attack on Pearl Harbor, a new secret technology, Radar, will begin to turn the tide of the war. America's Secret Eye peers over the horizon so Naval Commanders can detect the enemy and direct attacks before anyone know they are there.


However, a new Japanese weapon, the Kamikaze, will threaten America's technological advantage. Does Charlie have the skill to detect these attacks before they can destroy the USS Lexington? Can America find a way to defeat this new threat, and will the Secret Eye save American lives and finally win the war?

The Secret Eye E-Book (mobi format)

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